Resident and Family Council


Family Council

conmedhealth-familyAt Conmed we foster a positive attitude toward aging and the Family Council has a very important part in promoting this attitude. The Family Council is an independent group of families and friends of the Residents in each of our facilities. They meet on a regular basis to discuss the needs of the Residents and their family members as well as ways to continuously improve the quality of life within the residence. In addition, they plan and initiate fundraising activities to promote any special projects or events.
As well as being a strong networking system to support the Family and Friends of the Residents, the Family Council promotes an atmosphere of sensitivity, caring and support for all concerned.

conmedhealth-councilResident Council

The Resident Council is founded on the idea that each Resident can and should play a part in the organized daily life of the Conmed Care Centre in which they reside.
Together as a group they are encouraged to voice any suggestions and concerns regarding changes or improvements to the centre as well as suggestions to enhance the care or well being of every Resident. This council is designed to establish a sense of community, comraderie and friendship amongst all Residents.