Memory Care


Memory Loss and Dementia

In our dedication to offering seniors superior care in a long term care environment, Conmed Care Centres are pleased to offer the Montessori approach to learning which assists Residents in living more meaningful lives. These activities assist in keeping seniors with memory loss and dementia more fulfilled. They experience an increased sense of self-esteem. The Montessori approach also aids in the development of fine motor skills and increases concentration.


Designed to enrich all aspects of life, we involve our Residents in hands on activities that provide them with a sense of purpose, socialization, and accomplishment. The activities in each of our Conmed Care Centres are designed to focus on the following seven areas of engagement and are based on acknowledging each resident’s skill levels, personal preferences and interests.

They are:
Providing a caring positive atmosphere, an environment of respect, peer teaching, support and social interaction are key factors in each activity and aspect of these excellent and effective programs.